PWPA Executive Committee Nominations Period Now Open

In May, we will hold elections for a new Executive Committee, and the nominations period is now open. We encourage faculty members and WPAs of all ranks and position types and at all institution types to consider self-nominating or nominating a colleague for a position on the Executive Committee. The board also has Graduate Student Representative and Adjunct Representative positions, and we ask that you share this announcement with your graduate students and interested part-time faculty.

You can submit nominations through this form:

If you need to update your PWPA membership, you can do so here.

Please submit nominations by April 15, 2022.

From the by-laws:

PWPA governance consists of an Executive Committee (EC). This committee is made up of seven members of the PWPA. Five members are elected as members at large and two, the graduate representative and adjunct representative, are elected to represent special constituencies.

Executive Committee Elections:
Each EC member serves a 3-year term. Elections are held at the end of the academic year for open positions beginning the following year. If EC elections at the end of the academic year do not fill the open positions in the EC, additional elections are held in the Fall of the new academic year. Nominations for the EC are open to all members of the PWPA.

Appointments to the EC are made following a vote of the general membership. The EC rotates the positions of two co-chairs, treasurer, and secretary from among its members. The term for these appointments is one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. Appointments to these EC positions are made by a vote of the EC.

Please note that we have spaces that allow people to indicate interest in specific positions on the form. Those interested in serving as the Graduate and Adjunct Representatives should indicate their interest since those two positions are restricted.

If you have questions, please reach out to Liz Kimball at  or Gabe Cutrufello at

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