New Collection: WPA Outcomes Statement — A Decade Later

Check out this new collection from Parlor Press, featuring some of our PWPA colleagues.

From Parlor Press’s Site: 

The WPA Outcomes Statement—A Decade Later addresses the national and global dispersion and influence of the Council of Writing Program Administrators’ Outcomes Statement ten years after its adoption and publication. Relating how the Outcomes Statement informs the work of writing programs, writing centers, and English departments, the essays demonstrate the significant influence of the Outcomes Statement in and across institutions in various institutional categories. The WPA Outcomes Statement—A Decade Later contributes to the scholarly conversation by discussing relevant issues of assessment and accountability in institutional contexts. Edited by Nicholas N. Behm, Gregory R. Glau, Deborah H. Holdstein, Duane Roen, and Edward M. White, the collection also interrogates the politics that may pervade writing programs as writing program administrators attempt to adapt the Outcomes Statement to suit local institutional contexts, implement the revised outcomes, and develop curricula that support and manifest those outcomes. The collection explores programmatic issues that may result from its implementation and corresponding assessment strategies for measuring its impact on student learning.


The WPA Outcomes Statement—A Decade Later serves as an informative resource for former, current, and future writing program administrators, scholars within composition studies and writing program administration, and other stakeholders concerned about writing programs, writing assessment, and the teaching of writing.


Contributors include Linda Adler-Kassner, Paul Anderson, Chris M. Anson, Darsie Bowden, Lizbeth A. Bryant, Micheal Callaway, Barbara J. D’Angelo, Debra Frank Dew, J. S. Dunn, Jr., Heidi Estrem, Justin Everett, Sarah Fabian, Suzanne Gray, Morgan Gresham, Teresa Grettano, Kimberly Harrison, Judy Holiday, Rebecca Ingalls, Emily Isaacs, Craig Jacobsen, Melinda Knight, Hava Levitt-Phillips, Barry M. Maid, Paul Kei Matsuda, Susan Miller-Cochran, Karen Bishop Morris, Tracy Ann Morse, Wendy Olson, Kimberly Coupe Pavlock, Deirdre Pettipiece, Sherry Rankins-Robertson, Shelley Rodrigo, Ryan Skinnell, Sarah Soebbing, Doug Sweet, Susan Thomas, Martha Townsend, Stephen Wilhoit, and Kathleen Blake Yancey.