CFP for PWPA Spring Conference at Arcadia

The Spring PWPA meeting at Arcadia University is just around the corner on Friday, April 5. More information is on its way about the day, but here is the CFP for those interested in participating in the faculty development component:
“At the most recent 4Cs, assessment scholar Peggy O’Neill commented that we have to take rhetorical control of our assessment data. For example, we should present the data in a way that represents our priorities. While this may seem like obvious advice, it is a small, simple way to gain control over a process that can often make WPAs feel overwhelmed at best and powerless at worst. In this vein, we invite proposals for the faculty development section of our April 5th meeting that focus on re-framing assessment in positive ways. Our guiding theme for the session will be about how we can share strategies and stories in order to use assessment to empower our programs and ourselves as administrators. Some questions to think about: How can we use assessment to obtain resources for our programs? How can we use assessment to build community within our programs? How can we use the data to make curricular and pedagogical improvements that satisfy our values and teaching principles? Are there ways to both satisfy higher administration and empower our own programs?
We are not looking for formal presentations. Ultimately, we envision an informal round table discussion consisting of narratives about how you handled assessment at your institution and what strategies you can suggest for finding the positives in assessment.
Please email a paragraph on what you’d like to discuss by March 28 to Elizabeth Vogel at”